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Pearl Portrait

Pearl Portrait



Mar 25, 2016 – (436 views)

My friend wanted me to do a portrait of her dear cat named Pearl. I did this digital portrait.If you like what you see please comment and star it. Thank you.If you would like me to do a portrait. please contact me here on FM. We can discuss charges. I do pets/people/whatever you love from a photo to a digital painting as long as the photo is High Resolution/clear/excellent quality.


Hi! Thanks for visiting my gallery. I am cat is beautiful work by you!
Oct 22, 2018 – TheaIrenDalton
Mar 31, 2016 – Vincent Consiglio
P.S. The rest of your pieces look happy and content. Great work. Grandaddyearl
Mar 26, 2016 – Grandaddyearl
Looks like he/she for a cat is having a bad day. Best I can figure mouse got away. Looks like he'd eat your best friend. Never have had a cat however and can't evaluate their personality. Grandaddyearl
Mar 25, 2016 – Grandaddyearl

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