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Noor-ul-Amin Ali

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Now that you have read that I am also a Journey Man Wizard of Grey Shcool of Wizardry my I am known as Dragons Light the YellowWhite Wizard and Sufi. I have been painting since 1986. I took first place in my Senior year Art Meeet. I majored in Electronics Engeering Technolgy. In year 2000 I got married to Art again since then life has been excellent for me as an Artist I have achived every thing and more. Since I am Shia Ismaili Muslim my Art reflects Mysticism, Sufism, Shia Ismaili thougth, Wizardry and Magick. I love, enjoy , and adore what I paint I do not mind if some one is willling to buy my art work. Art is my passion and love of life. Human Beings can achive any thing if they put effort into it, have clear intention , desires and feelings towards their aims and goals. Any thing can happen.
May Allah guide us all to our Paths.