Dyare Ishq Mein Apan Maqam Paida-What if, Is there, I can  a

Dyare Ishq Mein Apan Maqam Paida-What if, Is there, I can a

Noor-ul-Amin Ali

Dec 13, 2021


Mixed media
Large Mix Medi Paper


Phase 10 Final Stage of the Journey
Dyare Ishq Mein Apan Maqam Paida
What if, Is there, I can and I will
Urdu Qawwali by Ustad Nusrate Fateh Ali Khan

Are you dedicated towards the love of your Visual Arts?
Do you do it for your Soul-Spirit?
Or do you it for a living
But if do for earning a living
We all know that Visual Artist does not pay the bills
Unless you are extremely lucky
But I personally believe if you are naturally good in world of Visual Art
You should it as long as you can
It will be good for your mind, for your soul and for your body
It is skill set and talent that will help you in other side of career
From which you earn money to pay your bills
It real helps me understand the world of content and creativity side of it
Since I have leverage the most powerful technology with it now
It is real helping me human nature of what content people like of don’t like
If you are bold
And you don’t fear rejection
Than the Universe and Cosmos is your Oyster
There is whole new Ocean out there past word rejection
After you have lifted the veil of Stigma which most people have placed on word?
IT\IS Contractor
Then there is whole second Ocean out there for your swim in it
Please fare warring just don’t drown
If have learn to float and keeping floating
Then you have done it and doing well

Technology is here to stay
Learn it and master it so can start earning money from it too
Use your foundation education to up lift you when you hit speed bumps in your career
Your career, field, trade and craft will never be the same
You will never work with same group of people or co workers
Or departments or groups or even a company for all your life and for ever
By nature we Spiritual Human Beings are wonders
We are all passing through our birth till death
Throughout your career you will meet and greet many Souls and Spirits
Some of them will repel from you
And some of them will attract you and you are attr

Noor-ul-Amin Ali

Noor-ul-Amin Ali


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