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Mistical Dance of Sufis

Mistical Dance of Sufis


May 1, 2018 – (187 views)

Star Date 5-1-2018
Star Time 11:20 AM
Re-posting this again with my finished and completed Master piece and art work.

Today is day of 8 means infinity
Today time is 4 means half of infinity

Now you will see what has to come to life.
This painting will speak to you the viewer in many dimension
and an Unseen forces of Universe.
I hope and pray that you are able see The Mist.The Sufi Dance, The Sufi Meditation , The Wolf, The Snake, , The Cat, The Goddess of Justice and The Goddess of Fortune.
As always please provide me your feed back on this composition of my Art work and Master Piece.
Remember it is all about composition how to bring these elements together is the actual part of Art, Science , Technology and Magick. I will let painting speak to you directly.
Peace and Bright Blessings

Star Date: 4-14-2018
Star Time: 9:28 A.M.
My mystical , spiritual , magical and technical brothers and sisters.
Only Allah knows why started to write summary of my next master piece.
As I was born in month of March on 28 day. It is not coincidence that my Star Time today is
linked with my day of birth only Allah gives me strength and courage to move forward in my
mystical, magickal , spiritual journey of life both in mundane world and magickal world.
As I see my previous art works and paintings I ask myself am I getting pulled into to greater force then me. Or am I seek that force that is far more powerful then my lower self and higher self.
It is very hard to live in straight path so called Middle Path which practiced as meditation of Middle Pillar. Our mind , our body and our soul torn between responsibilities of this forsaken mundane world and the Unseen magickal, mystical and spiritual world. It is written in all our Holy books. You should know by now what I am talking about.
You might be Sufi, you might Mystic, you might be Wizard, you might be poet , or might be an Artist.
In the end you are nothing but form of lightness and darkness combined en