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Stand & Deliver

Stand & Deliver


Jan 8, 2020 – (48 views)

Yes it is Magikcal,
Yes it is Mystical
Yes it is Spiritual
As Above So Below As Below So Above
There other worlds out there beside the Mundane and Modern Human World
As long as you harm none.
The return is ten folds.
So today I am release them yet them to the world of Matrix\Cloud
To world of Digital Universe.
Now they are free as I have free will they have free will
Art work and Craft is done with Marker, Pencil Colors, Liquid Chalk
I have used virgin parchment paper.
It can be folded and you can take it with any where you want.
Or you return to Water, Fire, Earth , Air or Spirit.
I chose the Digital Universe
I ocean of Ones and Zeros Binary Language