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The Eye Within The Portal of Our Universe !

The Eye Within The Portal of Our Universe !

Noor-ul-Amin Ali


Jan 28, 2018 – (112 views)

Star Date: 1-13-2018
Star Time: 12:14 CST Time Zone
To all magickal ,mystical, spiritual and technical brothers and sisters.
This master art work and painting has taken me almost good 7 months to complete.
It has been and it was an wonderful journey and experience. I had idea what I have accomplished once I was done with it. I still have to do some minor final touch ups. There in way is no Haven, There is no way in the Universe or even no way in Hell I can describe or even tell you what the painting is about. I kid you not it is very deep it goes deep into the core of your spirit, soul , mind and body. It touches all elements which we were created from Fire(Blood), Water, Air, Earth , and Spirit (so called breath of God (Allah). It touches the emerald tablets , it touches the creators and creations, It touches our RNA and DNA it touches teachings and secrets of the Pyramids within and without the Masters who were the builders before us. It touches the Rock that came from out space which is now worshipped by millions of Muslims in KABA. It touches the magickal , mystical and spiritual powers of Arabic letters known and called the Hurufi. It touches the magickal, mystical , and spiritual powers of Runes if not abused or over used for greed then it touches depth of your Soul and Spirit. It touches certain very deep magickal, mystical and spiritual symbols used by ancient alien race. It touches the spiritual , mystical and magickal power of number Three. It touches the building of Doom o Rock which is most important building for millions of Muslims in the world today. It touches Iblis or Eblis (The Devil , Satan , The Father of All Jinns). It touches very powerful ancient race of Mutants some of us in ancient past use to call them as Gods. It touches many ancient aliens race which are hidden between the fabric of our own Planet Earth and Universe. It touches Time and Beyond Space a place where there are multiple alien species and life forms which