Tum Ek Gorakah Dhanad ho a Collage Art work and Painting

Tum Ek Gorakah Dhanad ho a Collage Art work and Painting

Noor-ul-Amin Ali

Dec 10, 2022


Mixed media


Planet: Earth
Spices: Biological Human Beings with Spirit\Soul
So I am Spiritual Human Being
County USA State Texas
Time Zone: CST
Gender: Male Age: Over 50 under 60
12\10\2022 10:21 AM Saturday morning

Final Phase: Tum Ek Gorakah Dhanad ho a Collage Art work and Painting
Meaning of Kasa
goblet, drinking cup, bowl, begging bowl, trencher, a plate, saucer, large or small, of brass, wood, or clay, porcelain; beggar's bowl

There are three central ideas in Sufi Islamic psychology, which are the Nafs (self, ego or psyche), the Qalb (heart) and the Ruh (spirit). The origin and basis ...

The Arabic term for soul, ruh, also means "spirit" and "breath." The Koran (15.29) reads, "I have fashioned him (Adam) and breathed into him of My spirit (ruh).
The idea of the blood of God indicates the same kind of annihilation in God, such that every feature of the perfect human (who is annihilated in God) can be ...

Haqiqa (Arabic حقيقة ḥaqīqa "truth") is one of "the four stages" in Sufism, shari'a (exoteric p
ath), tariqa (esoteric path), haqiqa (mystical truth) and marifa (final mystical knowledge, unio mystica).

To one and only Shams
According to contemporary Sufi tradition, Shams Tabrizi mysteriously disappeared: some say he was killed by close disciples of Mowlana Jalaluddin Rumi who were jealous of the close relationship between Rumi and Shams, but according to many certain evidences, he left Konya and died in Khoy where he was buried. Sultan Walad, Rumi's son, in his Walad-Nama mathnawi just mentions that Shams mysteriously disappeared from Konya with no more specific details.
Everyone by now should know him
Rest are all famous Lover of indo-pak region who gave up their life and their own souls for their Lover and Love and Love it self which in end Lov

Noor-ul-Amin Ali

Noor-ul-Amin Ali


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