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Wizard's Belt  Sufis Semazen

Wizard's Belt Sufis Semazen

Noor-ul-Amin Ali


Mar 6, 2018 – (124 views)

Planet Earth
Stare Date 3-3-2018
Star Time 9:28 PM
Title: " Wizard's Belt Sufis Semazen "
My fellow magickal, mystical , and spiritual brothers and sisters.
How powerful , mystical , magickal and spiritual this moments is for me now.
Since I was born in the 28 day of March and 9 is my number.
My newest and most latest art work and painting which kick started 2018 is very magickal in nature and it is full of raw power and energy. It has the power of three Suns and three Moons. It is has the power of totem spirit of Eagle , Hawk, Woodpecker , and the great might Grey Wolf.
The core of this art work and painting is based on teachings, philosophy of a Mighty Monolith from which mankind and humanity as learned to communicate with. A Monolith is Stone which was sent from an Alien race on this Earth. Every art work and painting which I do is inspired by real events in life. It is not the real events that matters any longer because that moment has past. Now it is the outcome from which I was able to compose and construct an master piece full energy and power that speaks volumes to a viewer.
Question remains if you believe in the powers of totem spirits of animals, if you believe in powers of nature , if you believe in powers of colors when it comes to magick, if you believe in powers of ancient scripts , letters and powers of words when used to bring certain magickal concept to life. If you view this art work and painting you will see all usage of all five elements Spirit, Air, Earth, Fire and Water. Yes I have used chains to bind raw power and energy of spear , magickal talisman, and magickal shield of Aries. A symbol of boat is used boat has magicka, mystical and spiritual meaning. Spiritual guide on the boat is a Grey\White Wolf. You will see second Grey\White Wolf Standing Guard between two Shields. You will also see a Rams head on top of the mountain hill and you will also see Water fall which is flowing from the Havens above to below.