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World of Unseen

World of Unseen

Noor-ul-Amin Ali


Jan 4, 2017 – (229 views)

My magickal, mystical , spiritual and technical brothers and sisters.
I know it has been a long time since I have posted any new painting or art work.
As always I am make it my magickal, mystical and spiritual duty to complete one master peace art work and painting ending a year and beginning a new year with a Big Bang. My the Mercy, Will , Grace, Blessings and Love of Allah , His Prophet , His Imam and His Angels I have done it again.
This master peace and art work is titled World of the Unseen this collage based art work and painting. My main focus is the composition and setting of each element with the background of the art work and painting. It is not easy task for a Mystic and Sufi to work with both sides Angles and Jinn's no matter if it is only a art work and painting the body , the mind and soul takes the burden for finishing the project. Do you believe or do you think when a modern day Mystic\Sufi is busy using tools like sharp X-ACTO knifes to bring Angles and Jinn's into same space or area of painting must take some deep effort don't you think it is form of deep meditation. As always the root foundation of this master peace and art work is the Holy Quran but it still remains the unseen world for most of spiritual human beings on Earth. Only those who are chosen and only those dare to walk the path and world of Angels and Jinn's make seek to find the proof and evidence that we are not alone in this Universe because it is written on the Holy Quran. This master peace art work and painting is layered with the following Surah 50:17-18,
86:4, 13:11,82:10-12,7:16-17,6:61 and 43:36-37. Beside that I have also layered the painting with teachings of Imam Ali (MPBUH). I will not describe the painting in details I want the each viewer to feel the dynamic energy which I have poured into this master peace art work and painting. As always I will be looking for feedback no matter if it is good or bad.
As always may Allah guide us all into our paths.