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In his words:Â

I started drawing at 13 years old, using the Sarge Rock Comic books as inspiration.

In the Navy I drew pictures of guys, and girls, and wives. I did alot of art in the Navy. Â Then I stopped for awhile.

When my son showed lots of talent, that got me going again with my art. I started painting with acrylics from Bob Bates art books, mostly old barns and houses.

Then I started painting with oils - and eventually started painting people. I learned how to paint people from the art books of Michelangelo.

An old school friend of mine told me that I am a Sculpturer - wow, that was something to hear. I started taking art classes, learning how to work with clay. I was only able to take one short class in Clay Sculpturing, and won First Place in my first sculpture show, the bust of Julius Caesar.

Then I did alot of wood carving, as well as painting and clay. I like wood carving because the wood tells me what to do - I never know until I start what it will become.

I am currently an advanced student in Clay Scupting at the Palmetto Art Center.

Thank you for looking at my work.

More about the artist:

One-Mann-Show is my friend & neighbor and all-around super nice guy.

He is an extraordinarily talented, self-taught artist who, as you can see, works in multiple mediums.

He is disabled from both major heart & back surgery and is also a disabled Viet Nam era veteran with profound hearing loss from his tour on a Navy destroyer. Because of his hearing loss, I am acting as his liaison for any sales and information on his art.

Contact me and I will contact him. He and all of his incredible artwork is located in the Tampa Bay area so local sales can be accommodated. He will accept PayPal as well as cash for all sales.

Although some prices are posted, he is open to most reasonable offers.

We will feature the current artwork that is available for sale and we welcome comments.

Please take a look at his portfolio and see what you think!

Thank you - Marti