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"I'm exhilarated by nature's beauty and vivid c

"I'm exhilarated by nature's beauty and vivid c

Patti Pease Johnson


Sep 29, 2010 – (514 views)

Color, form and movement from nature are the essence of her work, created in the mediums of dye on silk with wax resist or dry pastels, sometimes watercolor. For silk pieces, all colors are achieved with four dyes: cyan, magenta, yellow and black, mixed either on or off the silk.

Originally from Olivia, Minnesota, Patti did not pick up a brush for more that twenty years until 1995. She took art classes as a teenager and enjoyed much family camping. “I’m grateful to my parents for instilling the art of noticing nature’s abundance and greatness.” Having moved to Hawaii in 1998 with her family of four, she is enthralled with the vivid colors available to her eye’s palette.

Career paths have nurtured her creative skills. She was a national magazine co-owner, editor, graphic designer and marketing consultant, with a pre-career for a decade in the nursery landscape field. In 2003, her sister moved to Hawaii and together they produce a line of silk fashion and home accessories called Graceful Essence Fashions.