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Rafa Ramirez

Est. '08


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I was born in Malaga (Spain) and I live in Bolivia since 1998, having worked as director of projects and coordinator in a foundation for the children rights.
From very young I was attracted for diverse creative arts, as the goldwork and jeweler's in those that I work several years, but mainly for the painting and the drawing that I lived from children thanks to the liking of my father that practiced it, the which I learned and I perfected through courses, books and dedication.
In the figurative painting that I work, very guided to the human figure, I would make two distinctions as for the work that I develop. One is the portrait that, usually, it is realistic and that I paint with technical of pastel and oil; another is the painting of diverse thematic, as the nude, worked under a vision very peculiar of artistic interpretation that I denominate classic or Gothic - impressionist and that I paint to the oil.
I am great enthusiastic to the photography and for four years I work in the advertising and creative environment, besides painting... activity that I have never abandoned.