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No other place inspires me more than the natural world. Whether I take it at face value or at a more conceptually abstract level, its loveliness is something I seek to capture, interpret, and share. My main process of art-making combines collage and layers of acrylic paint in experimental play with the formal elements of color, line, and texture. I also love watercolor for its spontaneity and oil pastel for its richness. Each medium uniquely captures aspects I find when immersed in landscape. Whenever I make art, I return time and again to the same theme--a healed world--a vibrant state where harmony lost is restored. 

I grew up in Idaho, an hour or so away from Yellowstone National Park and the Tetons. Both sides of my family originally came from Utah after traveling across the country as pioneers. They gradually moved north to Idaho to farm and ranch the land, and both my parents were born into that life. I am the first generation removed from that long-standing family tradition, but the outdoors are still in my blood. I love to spend hours--or even days--wandering through woods and mountains. I love to make art inspired by my adventures.