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Jade on Rosewood, wire tree sculpture

Jade on Rosewood, wire tree sculpture



Apr 19, 2016 – (392 views)

Jade on Rosewood, wire tree sculpture by Sal Villano
9"wide x 7"deep x 10"high. Wire tree sculpture with 187 genuine solid Jade leaves of various shapes and sizes. Some of the jade leaves are flat and others have a slight upward turn at the tip. Each leaf is individually wired onto its branch using a unique method developed by Sal Villano expressly for this type of tree sculpture. There are no holes in any of the leaves so they appear very natural in their position on the end of each twig. The tree is created using 18, 24 and 26 gauge gold color wire. The roots of the tree are bound into sea sand, pebbles and small seashells. The sculpture mounted and bonded onto a 6.5" round rosewood base. This sculpture can and should be displayed in direct sunlight since all material will not fade. The size of the piece lends itself very nicely to be displayed on a fireplace mantel or shelf.