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Mighty Wind Swept - Wire Tree Sculpture

Mighty Wind Swept - Wire Tree Sculpture



Apr 9, 2008 – (398 views)

Mighty Wind Swept #18-07 $ 1,350.
Wire tree sculpture 28”wide x 23”high x 24”deep. This magnificent wind swept tree sculpture is
created using 18, 20, 26 and 28 gauge steel wire. The wire used is not galvanized so it has oxidized
(rusted) giving the sculpture an amazingly realistic weathered appearance. The tenacity of this tree
is emphasized by its massive root system firmly planted into a base of sand, rocks and pebbles bound
onto a 1’ thick slab of slate. The sand and pebbles are painted in yellows and greens, using India ink,
giving the appearance of moss.


This is my favorite sculpture. Your work is quite beautiful and unique!
Oct 23, 2011 – chuyito007
Awesome! This finely worked sculpture has such a haunting appeal, yet it manages to be elegant & beautiful at the same time. Kudo's!
Oct 8, 2009 – SharsArt

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