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Jul 23, 2020 – (44 views)

Have you ever been So angry at someone, you secretly wished for some type of karmic retribution to occur? I's not a charitable thought but it does happen sometimes. This piece was originally intended to take place in an art competition, the theme was, 'Muse', and we were to depict our personal muses artistically. While creating this I happened to have a negative exchange with someone and it had affected me so much, it changed the artwork. The exchange caused me to think about everyone who has ever looked down upon, or doubted, or disrespected me in some way and My Muse started to turn into the embodiment of all those people. I started to add some negative elements to counter the positive ones, meaning the barbed wire and flames were never my intent...but they became part of the process. It's to all those people I have to be grateful for because they are the ones who drive me to succeed...just to prove everyone wrong.  'I wear my scars as a cloak but my head is in a different realm, and my inner eye sees and understands all.' Marker/Pencil on Mat-board, sealed in plastic. 11x14.


Aww...well rainy days are actually my favorite type of day so I guess it's how you see the raindrops Thank you for the comment, this piece turned out to be such a personal experience for me.
Aug 3, 2020 – SavantArtist
Wow! Great artwork! Very creative! I like your share, I think your emotions may happen to many of us too. The longer we stay in a website, the more rainy days for us.
Aug 2, 2020 – ArtNewB

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