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Mar 20, 2020 – (101 views)


This is a special piece created for a folk musician in South Africa. I discovered his Patreon page one day and at that time he was creating an album, and everyone who donated at that time got to have their name printed on the jacket. I submited my dogs name in tribute to him, so he would be 'immortalized' in his own fashion. Well, the artist had some issues and it took a long time for the album to be completed. I received it last month, the CD so 'warmed' me inside when I saw my friends name listed, I became inspired. This is actually my first and only piece created in 2020 as I'm relocating and am overwhelmed. Designing this was as much for me as it was for the musician. I used the symbols for Happiness, Energy and Peace, and colored them correspondingly. I wanted the person to feel a sense of 'zen' whenever he was feeling down. Now I can I say, my art is global🙂 Dedicated to Nate and my BF, Tobias in beautiful peace til we meet again my friend. Marker on paper, 20x16


thank you Constantin!
Aug 9, 2020 – SavantArtist
Aug 7, 2020 – ConstantinPopescu
Thanks so much Art! I had to Google the actual color correspondence for the what color is 'happiness' to try and convey the meaning without really knowing what the character stood for
Aug 7, 2020 – SavantArtist
Wow! I haven’t chance to check your artwork piece by piece. This one is fantastic! I specially like the Chinese characters that you added on your artwork!
Aug 6, 2020 – ArtNewB
Thank you Samantha, I like to incorporate Asian characters sometimes, to add a bit more 'positivity'
Apr 25, 2020 – SavantArtist
pretty, i like the colours .It has an oriental feel to it
Apr 25, 2020 – Samantha Jayne

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