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Sharla is a California native, who was named after an artist. While her mother was pregnant with her, she saw a painting of a crouching black panther in a tree. Her mother loved the piece so much she bought it, and she loved the artist's name so much, she named 'Sharla' after her. So, it was only natural that Sharla could draw pencil sketches of horses in fine detail by the time she was 9 years old. One of the most out of the ordinary things about Sharla is that she is ambidexterous, and her art has up to three different distinctive styles depending on which hand(s) she uses to create each piece with.

Sharla has always felt that a piece of the artist goes into everything they create, so she endeavors to make each one unique and special. She also believes that art should be available to all, not just the elite few that can afford to pay large sums of money for it. Therefore, she always tries to make her art personal and affordable. Her goal isn't to sell you art, good art sells itself. Sharla's greatest hope is that her art will "touch" you personally, & leave a lasting impression.

Each piece Sharla creates comes with a small signed 'Card of Authenticity' containing the title of the work, as well as any other details or history that make it personal & special. No two pieces are ever going to be exactly alike!

This artist accepts PayPal, major credit cards, checks, & money orders. Please contact Sharla by email for details & shipping information.