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I Am Iron Man

I Am Iron Man



Aug 3, 2009 – (1457 views)

The original, airbrushed free hand in acrylic, was done on commission and is unavailable. However, a limited number of "signed" 8x10 full color, borderless with a satin finish, giclee prints are available.

"I Am Iron Man" is 'signed' on the back, and the cost of this print includes shipping & all applicable fees. Please contact me regarding larger prints for pricing.

Prints are currently 'Out of Stock.'


Funny... i thought i was iron man, must've been wrong.. great work
Jun 4, 2010 – LazyArts Studios
SharsArt, this is great work!
Jan 4, 2010 – revenuemanny
You accomplished that 'metal' look very well. Love your choice of colors!
Aug 3, 2009 – Gary Dee
wow. great work.
Aug 3, 2009 – andy tetlow

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