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Indian Maiden Among Friends  - SOLD-

Indian Maiden Among Friends - SOLD-



Mar 22, 2009 – (2037 views)

This clay mold sculpture is airbrushed free hand in fine detail & has felt underneath. There are 3 different types of wolves featured, arctic, red, & gray timber . . . which I believe makes it very unique and original.

"Indian Maiden Among Friends" is 'signed' and also includes an authenticity card. Price includes shipping and handling.


This is great Shar.
Apr 20, 2015 – Patrick ODriscoll
WOW,love it,great work.I see you sold it,this should inspire you to do another original.Show us more.
May 16, 2013 – John Marsdon Watkins
brilliant work
Mar 3, 2013 – michael-barber
both hands huh? Thanks for the fav
Sep 15, 2009 – freakyfingers
Excellent piece dear Sharla, I often look back on work ive sold and miss it very much.. This piece speaks loudly of compassion and brother/sisterhood...
Aug 7, 2009 – alanminshull
WOW!!! Very Talented and Gifted done! Bravo my Dear Friend
Jul 6, 2009 – SANTAIKA
Thank you, I am pleased you like it. It is ceramic bisque, and was a very nice surface to airbrush acrylic's on.
Jun 12, 2009 – SharsArt
Very nice! Is this bisque,greenware,or china?
Jun 10, 2009 – marcdoutherd
Excellent work, Shar.
May 26, 2009 – Debbie Adams
great work
May 11, 2009 – viktoriq0
As a Native American myself (Cherokee and Chicasaw), I really enjoy this piece. The green patches on her shirt balance well with the red blanket that she lays on. Your choice of having the one wolf look off to his left was a wise one. This creates an interesting composition that does not lend itself to an artificial photo-op look. When all the characters simply look straight ahead, I find that boring. I like your decisions here. Excellent Work!
May 9, 2009 – captainduh

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