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Natures Circle Of Life

Natures Circle Of Life



Feb 27, 2010 – (1384 views)

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Created in collaboration with Ric, a skilled woodcraftsman. This project was made as an entry in FM's 'Still life with a twist' art contest, and was made from mostly recycled materials... an old broken clock mounted on wood, & free-hand airbrushing (skull) with reconstituted old acrylic paints, sealed with satin clear gloss acrylic finish. Ric cut & sanded the skull from a piece of poplar. I had removed all the clockworks, brass Roman numerals & hands so that he could sand & varnish the wood. He mounted the skull with custom 1/4" spacers to add depth & dimension. We were both amazed to discover the face of the bear in the natural grain of the wood when this project was completed. Ready to hang and comes with an 'Authenticity Card.'

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