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Psychedelic Moon

Psychedelic Moon



May 20, 2009 – (2621 views)

Bright vivid colors airbrushed free-hand in fine detail with a glossy finish make this moon boldly cativating. "Psychedelic Moon" may easily be displayed a number of ways.

This piece is "signed" and comes with an authenticity card. Price includes shipping and handling.


Nov 23, 2014 – oreenazira
I like your moons, they are very nice and beautiful. I think this one is my favorite. I like colors and view, also smile! Great art work and unique
Apr 19, 2013 – Sana Kiy
Great idea and wonderful vivid color!
Jan 17, 2011 – Tracie Skarbo
very beautiful. He seems warm and whimsical. Good work!
Jan 2, 2010 – NikkiandSimon
Thats so good! When I seen it I thought it was a ceramic piece..nice work
Aug 27, 2009 – freakyfingers
This one is my favorite of the installations. It's optimistic!
Jul 19, 2009 – TigerLillian
This is my favorite too I think that you should freehand more of them, you have a good eye for color..
Jul 12, 2009 – Sally Siko
I really like your moons, Sharla. This one is my favorite.
Jun 12, 2009 – lathe7

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