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Sacred Eagle Feather - SOLD -

Sacred Eagle Feather - SOLD -



Jun 1, 2009 – (2359 views)

Original collaboration with 'Ric,' a talented woodcraftsman who cut, hand sanded, wrapped and threaded tourquiose and silver beads and two feathers with genuine leather, and is ready to hang.

I free hand airbrushed the detailed markings of a young adult eagle feather on poplar wood, sealed with a clear matte finish.

"Sacred Eagle Feather" is 'signed' and includes an authenticity card. Price includes shipping/handling.


I love it! Beautiful work!
Mar 4, 2010 – June
Very nice and beautiful symbol
Mar 4, 2010 – MiChelleAngella
Simply Wonderful!!!
Aug 14, 2009 – sorinapostolescu
These are amazingly beautiful and meaningful my friend. I have never seen this done before and you have created something beautiful here
Aug 4, 2009 – alanminshull

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