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Vee-Bee -

Vee-Bee - "Another 9" Art Contest Entry



Oct 24, 2009 – (1871 views)

Meet "Vee-Bee"(v.b), a baby. She's hope of a future for all dolls. Dolls are evolving, "Vee-Bee" is version.b. Being more "humanlike" isn't the answer, or humans would've survived. She doesn't have human faults of greed, envy, or hate. Rather, she has added elements that allow her to unite with other dolls & combine 'life forces.' Now they'll be superior to their creators, possessing all their strengths & none of their weaknesses. Machines are no match for them.


Beautiful, makes you want to see a sequel
Sep 30, 2015 – Montes
Each of your works are different and well done
Jul 24, 2015 – Looie25
Super piece of art!
Sep 14, 2014 – zoink
Apr 3, 2014 – Mshellee
Very nice.. Love the expression.. makes me wonder what she is shying from.
Jun 11, 2010 – Ric
Amazing and very Expressive ArtWork ***
Nov 30, 2009 – SANTAIKA
Great piece!
Nov 20, 2009 – sam ireland
Wow this is so cool, I love Vee Bee
Oct 28, 2009 – Karina Faddel
Thanx Gaza!
Oct 25, 2009 – SharsArt
God you're good with an airbrush! Kudos!
Oct 25, 2009 – Gary Dee

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