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Hello, My name is Stacey Davis,my nickname is "duckie". I've loved art all of my life. I truly am a struggling artist. I'm homeless and have been for about 4 years. Often I reuse a canvas that has ready been used. Often one I've found in the dumpster or someone's trash beside the road.i suffer from P.T.S.D. from an ex boyfriend coming in my house while I was sleeping and beat me in my sleep. With a shovel handle. I have done nothing but paint since. Living With P.T.S.D. makes it very hard to be around anyone. I never graduated high school. I finished 9th grade.i have always loved art. My grandmother autie Davis is who inspired me. She saw my talent when I was 13 yrs old, like most doting grandparents,she instantly had side jobs for me . Painting on big trucks. Painting for the case place in our home town of Wynne Arkansas. The prouder she was the more I shyed away from art. My grandmother later in life became my bestfriend. When she past away a few years back, I started feeling closer to her as I started painting again . So this attempt of putting my neck on the chopping block so to speak. Is in remembrance of my grandmother . Autie Euvonne Davis,this is for you. Missing you always Thank you for letting Me share, Stacey Euvonne Davis