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Current Residence: Ireland, nationality: estonian

Born 1975 in Tallinn, Estonia. Thea-Iren lived there until 2011 when she moved to Ireland for a job offer. Thea has been painting occasionally through-out the years as a hobby.Recently she dwelled into it more seriously. She started out in 2016 with series of POP Art style paintings but found naïve style to be more enjoyable and mirroring her personality and sense of humor. She draws inspiration from folk art, patterns, fabrics and tribal art. She chooses her colors carefully to compliment each other. Pictures are mostly showing alternate, better, bright and colorful world, where fantastic animals and creatures are flourishing. Thea considers her mission accomplished when viewer has a smile on their face. Enjoy!

Works exhibited:

02.12.2017-22.12.2017 at CB1 Gallery Limerick - works: "Dressed up", "Piling up" and " About birds and flowers "

The 2nd International Exhibition of Naive Art 2018, Castle Dobrohoř, Czech Republic 7.04.2018, - 30.05.2018- works " Lady with the dog " and " Arrival of a diva "

11.06.2018-22.06.2018 at CB1 Gallery Limerick - work: "Alices dream "

XI Art Naif Festiwal, Katowice, Poland
Works: "Sun Disk" I, II and III, " Lazy afternoon ", " An apple a day" and " About birds and flowers "

"Naiva Bratislava" Galéria Strediska kultúry - Bratislava
27.09.2018 – 12.10.2018
Work: " Forest spirit "

Naive art Exhibition in Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Works: "Munching on berries " and " Beauty contest"

XII Art Naif Festiwal, Katowice, Poland
Works: "Her Royal Highness" and " Alices dream "

Naiva Bratislava 2019
Works: "Bilbies tea party" and "Express delivery"

Reg'Art Actuel, Bruges, Belgium
Works: " Butterfly Rhapsody" and " Giggleberry tree "

Open Art Exhibition at CB1 Gallery, Limerick, Ireland
Work: "Her Royal Highness"

Upcoming exhibitions:

Naive & Singular art Biennal, Waroux, Belgium