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I discovered encaustic art through a friend, who let me try out her encaustic iron. The moment I used it I was hooked, and wanted to keep experimenting on lots of pieces of card! Thanks to my friend introducing me to encaustic art, I bought my own encaustic art kit, and from then on I have been producing my own work. I love the fact that you can use such a range of different colour waxes, and obtain such a variety of effects using just an encaustic iron and nothing else. I enjoy listening to people as they look at my finished work and describe what they can see- this often varies from person to person, as what you see depends very much on individual interpretation, and also depends on the angle at which you look at the finished piece. In many cases, my encaustic art makes the observer think, as they try to interpret what they see- the more you look, the more you can see. My encaustic art reflects my love of bold, vivid and bright colours, and of 'other worldly', ethereal imagery. It works by heating an encaustic iron (looks a bit like a small travel iron, but it has more specific heating settings); I then take a piece of coloured wax, or maybe several, turn the iron upside down and apply the wax. The wax starts to melt immediately, at which point I apply the iron to a piece of card. I then create a variety of effects, which depends on the way I move and drag the iron, the temperature of the iron, and the number of colours of wax I load onto it. The result is a very eye-catching, vivid display of colour.