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I'm an art painter, drawer and computer graphic. Not I but other fields of Art. Born in 1983 in Warsaw. He attended post-secondary art. school. The diploma has done with computer graphics. Drawing and painting, he studied under the guidance of Prof. Czesław Ciapało. In the plastic circle he met Mrs Wanda Kossowska, which made contact whith the art world. Vital role i his knowledge of plastic played professional painters: Tomas Supryn, John Wyżykowski and Waclaw Gibaszek. Then he was four, group exhibitions - a Unique Festival of Independent(Unikatowy Festiwal Offowy - UFO) and other exhibition Graphic(artists) Saska Kępa. Exhibited work in Gallery "On The Right Side of The Vistula River(Po prawej stronie Wisły) and took part in the exhibition Artists Saska Kępa. I made a drawing ever since I can remember. I could even forget about dinner for creative work. As a child I lived in different parts of Warsaw. Eventually when I've ca. 8 years old, I landed on Saska Kępa. Still remember the hill below the House, which as a kid in the winter I to roll of sledding downhillalmost under tha same bloc of flats. The school often have occasionally been a recluse. For som time I have ceased to artistic activity until finally I was able to hit the right place. There were almost all you artistic soul may wish for (with the exception of music and dance). Painting, sculpture, interior design, art direction, photography (using an old fashioned even film in a darkroom) and of course drawing and computer graphics.