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Born on the 14th of July in the second half of the Twentieth Century in Poltava. He spent his childhood in the places where the soil and people solely planted the seeds of beauty in his head. Parents, Hennadiy Ternovskyi and Valentina, played the leading violine in his aesthetics approach.

The house of Ivan Kotlyarevskyi, famous Ukrainian poet, high slopes beneath the White Arbor, Cathedral of the Elevation of the Holy Cross which were repeatedly painted in watercolours of Taras Shevchenko and paintings of Serhiy Vasylkivskyi, also The Regional Art Gallery named after Mykola Yaroshenko are places of regular visits. All these set up the basement for further artistic development.

Yaroslav in the Uniform

Yaroslav spent his youth in Kremenchuk Cadet Corp. Leaded by talented commanders he developed not only his Officer skills but Artistic. Here he got acquainted with new art mediums – oil and tempera. Here he determined his further life.





Kiev puppet theatre



And his life went through the education in the Capital. Years spent in Kiev shaped his Art ideology and showed the way to new prospectives and achievements. Here he visited all the attractions and museums collections for the purpose of the Art education.



From here he started his first long educational trip to Greece.

Its culture and ancient heritage left the considerable footprint on his ideology. Here he deeply realized that Art goes much more further than merely reproduction of the real world. 


With a new life stage the talented Art mentors appeared before Yaroslav in blessed Kiev soil.

Levchenko & Ternovskyi

Victor Levchenko, the Artist, each time helped him reach new milestones in the field of Art. The doors of his Workshop and Studio were he touthg Arts were always opened. The only thing needed for the progress in Art was Will.

Movchan& Ternovskyi

In Kiev he also met the Honoured Artist of Ukraine VitaliyMovchan who, being the many-sided artist and person, further widened his artistic view and artistic skills implementation.



Bridge in Budapest

The Second educational trip leaded to Budapest.

Somewhere in the depth of its parks in the house made of sone the Art Studio is placed. Its Leader, Sofia Varga, presents to her students extreordinary approach – no manuals for a good piece of art creation but skills and knowledge what person alredy posesses she turns into the pieces of Art. You can not find even two similar pieces in her Studio.

There Yaroslav trained his eyes and mind observing the Collections in the National Gallery of Budapest.


From that time till nowadays Yaroslav is an active participant of Kyiv and Potlava Art life. He takes part in Collective Art Exhibiions and organizes personall exhibitions on a regular basis. Continiously developing his new Art ideas and helping those who want it.  His teaching activity tus turned into foundation of the Fine Arts Studio "Zelo". How he is the Art director and Artist in the Fine Arts Studio in the International Centre of Culture and Arts "October Palace" in Kiev, Ukraine.

Yaroslav Ternovskyi

He has more than three hundreds artworks that are posessed by more than eighty Art lovers in Ukraine, Armenia, Greece, Poland, Russia, Hungary, State Bodies of Ukraine and Diplomatic establishments of Foreign Countries.Participant of more than fifty Regional and National, Personal and Collective Art exhibitions and publications.