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The Daydreamer

The Daydreamer



Apr 18, 2019 – (23 views)

"The Daydreamer's Wish" It's okay to be a daydreamer... because often times it's those dreams that lead you to where you need to be...
You may remember when I posted my last piece, I had mentioned there would be more written of my journal pages, and how the earlier ones, the pages about a year or so past had lost their power. This is new to me, I have always been able to visit past pages and put myself back in that moment...
When preparing to begin this piece I turned to a page where I was writing about how I was not allowed to daydream... because... well... even my thoughts were suspect. There was so much anger in those pages. Pure absolute livid hateful anger. And this anger is something I have let go. You see I've left it in a heap of powerless nothingness... and I have not looked back.

The daydreamer has finally returned to me... thank god, because she has always been such a big part of who I am. She is the one who keeps me kind, positive and thoughtful... and most of all... She is my storyteller...

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