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 Healing Calligraphy Pure Heart (Japanese)

Healing Calligraphy Pure Heart (Japanese)


Feb 17, 2010 – (2652 views)

"Tadashii Kokoro" This divinely inspired healing calligraphy enabled my grown schizophrenic son to willingly take his medication regularly for the first time up till now. Since then I have created
other Healing Calligraphy. Scan, print and expand and trim to display to improve people around you, but avoid telling people, "This artwork will make you better!" Also avoid wallpapering your wall with multiple identical images because less is more. Do not frame or cover with anything like glass or plastic but post naked. If it wears out simply print out another one for free. Do not pay a lot before it even works thinking that that would activate because it is activated by your love of the person being healed --so pay only when it works otherwise if it doesn't work in a year's time, this artwork which gives your home an oriental decor is free.
When it does work donate half of what you feel is appropriate
and the other half is my gift
to you -- Please see my bio for other healers I heartily recommend. Thank you!

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