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    My names Jocelyne, New Zealand born. I lived in France, Australia, Alaska and currently reside in Houston, Texas for the past 11 years.  My art passion started at an early age helping my stepfather defeather a pheasant. I reconstructed the feathers onto a canvas appearing to bring the pheasant alive again in a 3D format.  All my teenage years I spent as a boarder in the Convent of the Sacred Heart Auckland, NZ.  During those years, I was part of a private curriculum class of oil painters.  It began with the study of oil painting history, Renaissance, biographical studies of the Artists and styles.  Finally being able to put brush to canvas with a live subject.  I spent 19 years in Alaska, USA where I continued oil painting, at the same time experimenting with other forms of art.  I studied porceline doll making and branched out into a unique style of my own, which won me 1st place in Fur Rondy (State wide Alaskan arts & crafts) in my section with 97% for my Alaskan Eskimo Doll.  Later I was granted the Silver Hand authentic Alaskan art by the State of Alaska. This gave me the reckognition and confidence to open my own business, J & D Enterprises, I was now living my dream as an artist full time and selling what I loved doing, painting oils on canvas. Texas changed my painting themes but not my passion.