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Sea Storm

Sea Storm


Jan 22, 2011 – (245 views)

"Green Sea" is an 11.5x 15 inch original acrylic seascape painting. Painted and signed by a talented young up and coming Oklahoman artist, named Andrew Akufo, this Contemporary masterpiece is an intense compostion that features a variety of colors. Painted to evoke emotions of drama and activity, "Green Sea" depicts the ocean washing up and splashing against the rocky ledges of a beach to right of the painting right before the start of a furocious storm. The artist paints the colors of the sky to give the viewer premonition of an oncoming storm. The painting comes matted and framed with a black frame. With a wire installed on the back, the painting comes professionally finished and ready to hang upon purchase.Truly a beautiful as well as intense and story-telling composition, "Green Sea" is a phenomenal painting which breath-takingly great in any location!

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