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betjamin sky

betjamin sky

andy tetlow


Oct 3, 2008 – (33046 views)


Excellent work!!!
Aug 5, 2009 – sorinapostolescu
thanks captainduh....i googled Monterrey California and it does look like it. this painting is nowhere in particular but it nice that people can see their own places in it.
Apr 2, 2009 – andy tetlow
You have a strong sense of atmospheric perspective. The highlights on the water really help to formulate a sheen effect. Excellent and I was wondering where you might have modeled this coast line after? Perhaps Monterrey California?
Apr 2, 2009 – captainduh
very pretty
Oct 22, 2008 – caleb_131
I love the use of color. You can just feel the turbulance!!!
Oct 22, 2008 – EvonneBishop
Love the 'mood' in this one.....again, great detail!
Oct 4, 2008 – Gary Dee

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