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andy tetlow


Jul 10, 2007 – (1117 views)

this painting is a couple of years old, i forgot i had it so it was a nice surprise when i found it.


Wow! Love the mist on the water and that blazing sun! Just finished reading the Aviary Gate about an English girl in the sultan's harem - this is the perfect visual
Nov 30, 2008 – Evie
Powerful ,dramatic, mystery, and exotic, how do you do it ? Fabulous Rebecca milne
Apr 28, 2008 – Rebecca Milne
I missed this one somehow. It's absolutely gorgeous
Nov 1, 2007 – lynnielu
Darren is right. That sun is really something! Remarkable Job!
Sep 19, 2007 – Gary Dee
Uhmmm - I would like to be there - Yes - You are a dreamer!
Jul 28, 2007 – villyfyhn
One word to describe this painting: bewitching
Jul 22, 2007 – Mizsery
Wow - beautiful piece. What an impact!
Jul 11, 2007 – bloodjelly
The sun actually hurts my eyes to look at it!!! Nice one Andy.
Jul 10, 2007 – darrenrichie

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