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weekend away

weekend away

andy tetlow


Jun 9, 2012 – (1178 views)


Jul 4, 2020 – Looie25
beautiful work art
Feb 4, 2014 – dady57
thanks Evie, much appreciated.
Jun 15, 2012 – andy tetlow
I agree with Trev, I feel like I'm there! The monochrome rendering gives it a very 'chic' feel.
Jun 13, 2012 – Evie
thanks trev, much appreciated. im at one painting a year at the minute. (note to self---must make more time for me)
Jun 12, 2012 – andy tetlow
It's been a bit more than a weekend. Good study of values here and nice work all around.
Jun 9, 2012 – bloodjelly

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