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Old Panel Van And Barn

Old Panel Van And Barn



Jan 28, 2011 – (744 views)

This is a pin-hole photograph, taken by using a cardboard box big enough to accomodate an 8 X 10 piece of photographic paper (which ultimately became the negative) A unique quality about pin-hole photography is that because the pinhole is so small, it acts like the smallest
'f stop'; smaller than any other camera, therefore the depth of field is infinate, very much like the human eye.
The light sensitive paper was taped to the back inside of the box, and a pin hole was made at the other end of the box. The exposure was about five to eight minutes long, so the box had to be perfectly still for that long, of course. And then into the darkroom I went to develop the image. Once I had the negative of the image, I sandwiched another piece of paper the same size and exposed it again under my enlarger, and thus created the positive image.

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