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From my window

From my window

arthur smart


Oct 14, 2018 – (66 views)

The view from my window. Large acrylic on canvas.

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very nice work!
Oct 26, 2018 – Konstant1nos
...... next painting about to arrive !
Oct 15, 2018 – arthur smart
you are welcome, I'm inquisitive about your next painting .
Oct 15, 2018 – SHLOMYDRAWING
Thanks guys, very much appreciated. Decided to go large (minimum 36x24) . Looking to do Picasso inspired topical work as next project.... watch this space . Arthur.
Oct 14, 2018 – arthur smart
Excellent work, i can see the effect of Van Gogh on you.
Oct 14, 2018 – SHLOMYDRAWING
Beutiful piece Arthur
Oct 14, 2018 – Cartoonman

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