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Red Onion

Red Onion

arthur smart


Sep 21, 2018 – (113 views)

This is a red onion. Now eaten.


Thanks Eileen. Just goes to show art can be in everything we see
Jul 27, 2019 – arthur smart
I love that you took a humble, unpretentious vegetable like an onion and made it into a striking art work.
Jul 27, 2019 – Eileen Breslin
Not a secret..... I happened to be sorting through some old pastels and found this deep burgundy color and thought "that is the color of a red onion"..... so I drew the onion !
May 23, 2019 – arthur smart
sweet piece.I love your style and enjoy viewing it.I can't believe you did that with oil pastels. Amazing! I would have loved to watch you do it if you had a sort of instructional course.How ever I know art technique can be a nice sort of secret
May 23, 2019 – Jr13
Hi Elizabeth. The Red Onion was drawn using oil pastels. The paper was medium textured (hand made). Glad you liked it.
Mar 12, 2019 – arthur smart
What medium are you using with your red onion says drawing illustration but I can't tell if it's colored pencil charcoal etc. Picture is great! Now can I post it
Mar 12, 2019 – elizabethquigley

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