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How to deal with Internet Explorer keeps crashing error?

February 02, 2021

Using Internet Explorer can be bothersome as the user can get regular freezes and crashes. Many users still use the IE web browser. Internet Explorer is a reliable browser but gets into errors so often. Your Internet Explorer can start showing you the error due to numerous reasons.

Possible reasons for getting Internet Explorer crashing issue:

  1. Slow internet speed
  2. You have installed malicious add-ons
  3. Invalid changes on Internet Explorer settings
  4. You are using an outdated Internet Explorer setup
  5. Virus infection is interrupting your browser

Best methods for resolving Internet Explorer crashing issue:

Check the internet speed

A user requires a smooth internet connection to the web browser. If your Internet Explorer has stopped working then check your internet connection immediately. If you are using a LAN cable; eject it and then reconnect it. Now click on the IE icon and try to load a page. For Wi-Fi connection, check the router speed. Place your device near to the router for better internet speed. If your internet connection is not smooth then wait until the connection gets stable and then load the page.

Try running Internet Explorer Troubleshooter

Windows provides an inbuilt troubleshooter tool that scans the browser for errors and fixes them automatically. You can run the Windows troubleshooter by following the mentioned steps:

  1. Open your Windows device
  2. Press the Wins key
  3. Type Troubleshooting on the search bar and click on the top result from the list
  4. Choose View All option
  5. Click on Internet Explorer Performance 
  6. Hit the Advanced option
  7. Choose Apply repair automatically

Now follow the on-screen instructions for completing the troubleshooting process. You have to wait until the resulting wizard appears and check whether your error gets fixed or not.

Disable all the add-ons from the IE browser

IE allows the user to install certain add-ons on the browser to speed up the processing. But there are lots of add-ons that can harm the IE and start crashing the browser. The add-ons also make the browser heavy. When your Internet Explorer is crashing, you should try disabling the add-ons from the browser. Here are the steps for disabling add-ons on the IE browser:

  1. Run your IE browser
  2. Go to the Tool menu
  3. Click on Manage Add-ons
  4. Now click on the add-on and choose the disable button
  5. Restart your Internet browser
  6. Check whether the error gets fixed or not
  7. If not, try disabling another add-on

Try disabling all the add-ons one by one to find which add-on is creating the error. If you are unable to find the exact add-on, disable all the add-on from your device and then run your browser.

Update your Internet Explorer 

Your web browser or any program can start showing the error when you are using its outdated version. Never use outdated browsers as it can be very prone to hackers and other internet threats. When your Internet Explorer is not responding or freezing from time to time then you should check for the new update. On Windows 10 PC, go to the Update status screen and check for the new update. If the new update is available for Internet Explorer then install it immediately. Wait until the update gets installed on your device and then restart the device to apply the updates. Now open your updated Internet Explorer browser and surf the internet reliably.

Scan your computer

Viruses and other malware can interrupt your web browser. Malware can make changes to your browser and steal your information. Whenever you notice any unknown change on the browser like changes in the search engine or background then you must scan your device for malware. Run the Windows Defender or personal antivirus to scan your computer. Run a full system scan and then open your web browser. You can also try reinstalling Internet Explorer on your device. Remove the old IE browser and install a new IE setup on your device.