Tranquil Path

Tranquil Path


Apr 27, 2022

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Digital painting or illustration
6 x 6 x 0


I'm inspired by the nature of Scotland and try to convey it though my digital paintings. I'll come up with an idea, sketch it, paint it and then add textures that I feel work with the scene I'm conveying. Some textures used are from photos I've taken around Scotland. I'm experimenting all the time trying to find a style that will be instantly recognisable as my own. This is the first painting in that journey.




About the artist

Hi there, my name's Scott

I'm a self-taught artist living in the central belt of Scotland. Influenced by great artists such as Robert Crumb, Gilbert Shelton and Moebius to name but a few - I've loved drawing comic illustrations ? ever since I can remember (so that's some memory!). In fact I still have my comics collection bagged, boxed and stored in the loft.

A? few years back I bought a small Wacom tablet which I was going to use to enhance photographs that I'd taken. When I received the tablet it was bundled with Corel Painter trial version software. I was so impressed with it that I bought the full version almost straight away, and the rest as they say is history.

I've built up my digital kit over the years and now have a large Wacom Intuos4 tablet which I use along with a 28" monitor and an A3+ inkjet printer. In my opinion there still seems to be a bit of confusion regarding digital art; that somehow I can just press a big button and ‘hey presto’ out pops a finished painting. I can assure you all my work is original, from scratch, and takes as much time to produce as any traditional painting. My Monitor is my canvas and the Wacom my paintbrush – the fantastic thing about digital painting is – there’s no waste

When a painting is finished I print it on Innova Soft White Cotton digital paper 280gsm, which is a specialist digital fine art paper. At the moment I’m using a Canon Pixma iX6550 inkjet printer which uses Canon ChromaLife 100 ink cartridges. I then coat the painting with a special fixative as an extra protection to colour fade and moisture.

I didn’t start selling my work until about 4 years ago when I discovered

I started producing paintings that I thought people would want to buy, but really I wanted to paint cartoons. So I uploaded my first cartoon painting a few years back which sold very quickly, which gave me great encouragement to paint more – and since then I’ve never looked back!

I’ve had numerous commissions, been published in a digital magazine, been asked to collaborate on an album cover and made some good friends. I’ve even managed (at long last) to get a website up and running. ? I’m really enjoying my work at the moment and people seem to like it enough to part with their hard earned cash. There’s nothing more confidence building than that.


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