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As an artist, you can’t have enough inspiration. So, as a follow-up to the last roundup of free images, here are twelve more inspiring sites that let you use their stock photos completely free.

Artists – you can can use these as inspiration, or in the art you create. Designers … well you know what you can do with them. Double-check the fine print on each site to make sure you know whether a certain image requires attribution or not, since it’s possible terms have changed since this article was written. Other than that you should be good to go.



330,000+ images | Commercial use, no attribution

This website is a tremendous resource for free stock images through a wide range of categories. The pay stock site Shutterstock clearly “inspired” this site’s design, but the upside to that is a clean, intuitive browsing experience. There are sponsored images from Shutterstock in the mix, as well. It’s a fair trade off, since the limited ads really make for a nice look.

~5,000 images | Commercial use, no attribution

Here’s another clean and easy-to-navigate free image site, with the ability to add images to a favorites collection, search and more. According to a blurb on the site’s home page, hundreds of new free images are added on a weekly basis. Sweet!



~100 images | Commercial use, no attribution

What this photo collection lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality, in spades. All the photos were taken by Ryan McGuire, who is based out of NY, and probably a pretty rad guy seeing as how he gives his images away for free. He’d appreciate a shout out when you use his work, but he doesn’t require it. Since the amount of images isn’t daunting, you can just browse the gallery and download what you like. In other words, no search feature, but no problem.



1,800+ images | Commercial use, no attribution

Pexels curates free photos from other sites and then offers them up as hand-picked selections. They have a clean interface with a search feature, don’t require registration, and show off some terrific images.

New Old Stock

New Old Stock

500+ images | Commercial use, no attribution

These images are all in the public domain, and thus free of copyright restrictions, according to the website. You can browse these vintage photos linearly, or you can go to this page to quickly view them as thumbnails. It’s a fun and potentially useful collection to be sure.



500+ images | Commercial use, some attribution

This site has a relaxed feel to it, is searchable by category and keyword, and offers many free stock photos. Many of them have a wildlife/natural feel to them, so if that’s what you’re looking for, check it out. They have other categories as well, though at the moment they’re not as fleshed out. There are two license types – public domain and attribution required – and you can filter pictures based on those criteria. Overall it’s a very useful resource.

Flickr Creative Commons

Flickr – Creative Commons

100,000,000+ images | Licenses vary

On the other end of the spectrum we have Flickr. You might have heard of this site, as it’s freaking massive. If you looked at one of these creative commons images every second for an entire year, you’d still have at least two more years to go, and that’s if nobody uploaded during that time. Basically by the time you finished our alien overlords would stop changing the water in your brain-in-a-jar and let you expire. The downside to the site is finding only the highest quality images. You can browse images by license here.



53,000+ images | Non-commercial use

Although these images can’t be used for commercial purposes, there are plenty of gems to be found for inspiration. Search by category, keyword, favorited images and more.

New Old Stock


500+ images | Commercial use, attribution required

There are many beautiful, high-quality free images here, courtesy of designer/photographer Folkert Gorter. From vast aerial shots to close-ups of textures, there is much to be inspired by. The navigation can be a bit confusing, but there’s a small icon at the top-left of the home page that allows you to see categories and view the gallery as thumbnails, rather than a long scroll. Check it out!

New Old Stock


10,000+ images | Commercial use, no attribution

There are so many terrific photos on this site it’s hard to believe they’re free. Click the little magnifying glass icon on the left-hand side for some categories and the ability to search by keyword. Terrific site all around.

New Old Stock


600+ images | Commercial use, attribution required

Many of the photos on this site have a decidedly hipster feel to them, so if that’s you’re thing, you’re in luck. If not, there are plenty of other shots to admire, as well. The site has some photo categories that you can scroll down on the home page to see, but lacks a search feature. In any case, there are plenty of good images to hold your interest, so go take a look!

New Old Stock


Image count and licenses vary

Finally, to wrap things up, let’s get all meta. This site links to a bunch of free stock photo sites, and lets you browse them in a frame, meaning you can just stay on the one page. If that doesn’t appeal to you, it’s still a good link resources for more free image sites.

That’s it for now!

Hope you found this list useful. If you have a free photo resource you like, why not tell us about it in the forum? It might make it onto a future list.