15 Outstanding Watercolor Lessons

How to paint in watercolors - Free video lessons

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These real-time watercolor painting lessons are chock-full of powerful tips and techniques that you can binge watch for hours.

Storm Clouds on Mountains

If you ever thought watercolors couldn’t have the bold contrast and impact of a medium like oil paints, watch this tutorial by Roland Lee. He creates a beautiful landscape scene full of depth and rich color over the span of an hour.

Introduction to Watercolors

Frank Clarke was featured in our acrylic painting tutorials, and there’s a good reason he’s listed here too. His lesson is full of awesome tips and tricks, and he doesn’t rush or under explain any of his methods. A great one-stop tutorial video for beginner watercolorists.

Ice Cream Still Life

Here’s a two-fer, as Lindsay Weirich paints delicious dueling ice cream cones, and shows the differences between toned vs. white paper.

Painting Sun & Shadows in Spring

Learn to paint a pleasant landscape scene with Angela Fehr, complete with a smattering of spattered leaves in the trees.

Keywest Morning on The Sea

This watercolor seascape lesson is a good way to learn how to paint a vibrant sky and ocean, and to practice values. Yong Chen does a good job explaining his methods along the way.

Cityscape in Watercolor

Nitin Singh gets powerful effects with his paint very quickly, and looseness is something he emphasizes in his lessons frequently. This video is good for beginner to intermediate watercolor artists.

How to Paint a Realistic Pinecone

Scarlett Damen shows you how to detail out a spikey pinecone in watercolors, so much so that her poor hand practically transforms into one at the end of the video. All’s well now she’s fine 🙂

Watercolor Ballet Dancer

Julie Hyde’s painting starts out straightforward enough, but then comes the twist – plastic wrap! The results are eye-catching and the technique could even work well for foliage, I imagine.

How to Paint a Barn in Watercolor

Not only is this lesson by Sterling Edwards helpful for the obvious reasons, he also interjects with excellent, more generalized painting tips that you can apply to other subjects.

How to Paint a Snowman Holiday Card

This happy little painting is yours to try after Keith McGuire shows you the steps. Whether he’s painting with snowman blood is up to the viewer to decide. Whatever the case, the end result was worth it.

Paint a Wet-Into-Wet Tree

Andrew Geeson’s techniques might help you create a focal point in your next painting, as he creates a distinctive, impressionistic tree.

Form & Value in Watercolor Painting

Here’s the classic still life study of a sphere, cube, and cylinder. This lesson is great for beginners to practice their values and blending techniques.

Changing Viewpoint and Perspective

Have a reference photo that you like (speaking of which, check out our list of free photos for artists), but could use a little more interest? No worries – Yong Chen’s back to show you how.

How To Paint Cornish Harbor Polperro

Patrick Ley-Greaves teaches you how to paint boats, soften edges, lay washes, and practice values all in one lesson.

Mystical Forest Painting

Jason Bowen creates a glowing, fantastical forest scene in real time. Jason uses some gouache, but with negative painting techniques you could easily use just watercolors.

That’s it for now

Don’t forget that each artist listed here often has entire collections of lessons, so say goodbye to your free time. Whether you put brush to paper or just watched to relax, I hope you enjoyed these watercolor lessons.

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    Yong Chen is a wonderful teacher. Your video on perspective is so clear and understandable. Love this class!

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