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If you’re having artist’s block or just want to kill some time (warning – you will), take a scroll down this list for some truly interesting experiments in digital design.

Note that you will need an up-to-date browser for most of these to work. Check out the following: (Chrome will play them all, Firefox should as well, but Internet Explorer probably won’t.)

1: Barry Martin’s Hopalong Orbits Visualizer

A flight through colorful, geometric space. Wheeee!

2: Fluid Simulation

Run your mouse across the screen to create a mixing and flowing of colors that almost feels like thin oils, but without all the mess. Double-click to hide the menu and get the whole experience.

3: WebCam Mesh

Allow this site to use your webcam for some cool effects.

4: 100,000 Stars

If art comes from an apprehension of what Nature is and how She works, then why not explore something outside the usual dandelion puff or hilly landscape? Delve into an accurate visualization of our nearby stars, courtesy of Google (the Google cam guy they shoved into a rocket better be getting something good for this). Zoom out for a very cool view.

5: HT

6: Bomomo

Interactive, dynamic drawing program.

7: Ellie Goulding Lights

Make it dark, turn up the music, go fullscreen and flyyyy.

8: Disc

Explore a changing shape whilst enjoying DeBussy’s Claire de Lune. Rather large download to start (7 megs).

9: Plink

Create music intuitively and in real time with other users. You’d think it would be total chaos, and it sort of is, but it’s super fun.

10: Sleeping Man

Impressive? Yes. Nightmare-inducing? Maybe.

12: Paper Critters

Create a paper toy, then print and play.

13: Silk

Create smoky, silky symmetry with this creative and interactive tool.

14: Psykopaint

Use an image as a starting point to create some interesting painterly digital art.

15: Clouds

White, fluffy clouds through which you can fly. Aaaand … breathe.