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Twitter is a fantastic tool for artists looking to get the word out on their latest art for sale, past pieces, works in progress and more. That Twitter is free is also a nice draw, but as with any marketing tool, it helps to know the ins-and-outs of the platform before diving in head-first. Below are eight awesome Twitter resources that you can use right now to promote your art.

10 Twitter Tips for Artists

#1: 10 Twitter Tips for Artists

This top-ten list of Twitter tips for artists is a great place to start if you’re new to the whole Tweeting thing. If you need some inspiration and don’t know where to get started, check this one out.

How Artists Use Twitter

#2: How Artists Use Twitter

Here’s another good article if you’re just getting your feet wet on Twitter, with tips for more experienced artists as well, from just learning how to leverage hashtags to how to hone your message. Speaking of which …

Twitter Hashtags – Best Practices for Artists

#3: Twitter Hashtags – Best Practices for Artists

This one’s a good-but-short article with tips on hashtags. Whodathunkit?

Twitter For Artists and Creative Professionals

#4: Twitter For Artists and Creative Professionals

More tips and tricks for artists looking to build their following on Twitter, including advice on who to follow, how to get others to follow you, and on the Tweets themselves. Worth a look.

The Best Times to Tweet

#5: The Best Times to Tweet

Buffer has the data (4.8 million Tweets) to analyze and determine choice times to post your art Tweets. Although, since they have pull they’re now a variable in the equation and as people Tweet now more according to their advice, won’t that change the best times to Tweet? My brain hurts. Anyway get it while you can.

Sharing Content Multiple Times

#6: Sharing Content Multiple Times

Tweeting and posting your art to multiple platforms more than once … a social networking faux pas? Maybe not. Maybe, it’s aliens. I mean, maybe it might get you more hits.

Is Social Media Worth it?

#7: Is Social Media Worth it?

Have you had enough dead ends with sharing your art on social media and don’t see the benefit? Feel like throwing in the towel? Check this article out, which is a nice reminder of what you could be doing differently, and why you tried in the first place.

Auto art Tweets

#8: Automate Your Art Tweets

Lypse is a free tool that lets you automatically Tweet your art out from your favorite online gallery, letting you focus your time on other things. This one’s sponsored by FM and is an excellent tool to keep your social feed interesting without wasting all your valuable time.