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Need some art inspiration to start your day? If you’re an artist or designer, you’ve undoubtedly encountered a creative dry spell from time to time. We all have!

Sometimes taking a walk or otherwise switching mental gears can get your ideas flowing again, but often it helps to just jump right in and immerse yourself in other artists’ work. Thankfully, here on Foundmyself we have some amazing, inspiring art and artists.

Of course, what art inspires one person may not inspire another. Even on an individual level, what tantalizes and motivates us one day might not do so on the next. For this list of inspiring art, each artist was chosen because they piqued our interest, but otherwise there’s no rhyme or reason to the selection, or the order the art is in. That said, with the variety and quality of work here, you’re bound to find something to get those creative thoughts popping.

If you enjoy what you see, be sure to come back. This page will be a living article, updated and expanded upon as time goes on. Also, if you like an artist’s work, just click their name to see more.

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Without further ado, let’s admire some artwork!

Art Inspiration From Our Artists’ Portfolios

Helena Wierzbicki

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Helena studied with the Argentine masters Luis Barragan and Elio Eros Vitali. She states, “Making art, for me, is an innate response to the inner and outer worlds, and a balancing act between the intuitive and the considered. I am interested in exploring my natural abilities and enthusiasm for my commitment to do an art within my innermost thoughts and emotions.”

Her artwork inspires with bold and passionate themes and colors, and bring a powerful energy to the canvas.

Some examples:

Joyful Nude – Acrylic on canvas
Pensive Male Figure – Acrylic on canvas
Melodious Hearts – Acrylic on canvas

Janie Samuels

With her subjects ranging from narrative and political to more casual, “slice of life” scenes, Janie’s work captures your attention.

She balances each piece well with a rhythmic visual flow. Often featuring impactful colors and strong lines, her work seems to be realistic and abstract at the same time. Usually, there’s a feeling that with a longer viewing, the stories of these characters will reveal themselves to us.

Some examples:

Exodus – Oil on canvas
A Late Night Chat – Oil on canvas
On the Move – 2021 – Oil on canvas

Inbar Reich

Each painting of Inbar’s is done quickly and from her heart. It’s easy to see the passion behind her pieces, both in the striking colors and exuberant compositions.

If you love getting lost in a piece of art’s fine details and hidden features, you’ll surely find yourself absorbed in Inbar’s artwork.

Some examples:

All Together Now – Acrylic on canvas
My Ship – Acrylic on canvas
Big Fish – Acrylic on canvas

De la Barra

Drift away to dream-like worlds in De la Barra’s inspiring paintings. By combining his interest in the human form with his desire for symbolic content, he strives to portray the human condition from a unique perspective.

There is a method through which he develops his art—relying on material and composition to develop his personal, magical universe. De la Barra considers himself a Surrealist – one who plays with and exaggerates reality as perceived in this subjective world.

Some examples:

Amigas III – Oil on canvas
Exchange – Oil on canvas
Autumn Wind – Oil on canvas

Trent Mann

Although Trent is a very capable painter and illustrator, for this list we’ll be showcasing his inspirational jewelry art.

His stunning contemporary earrings, pendants, bracelets and more pull design cues from numerous styles. Some of his pieces, like the aptly named “Cityscape,” resemble a tiny futuristic metropolis colored in pastels. Others, like his seahorse jewelry box (also shown below), have a warmer and somewhat Victorian feel about them.

Some examples:

Seahorse Jewelry Box – Bronze and carved rutilated quartz
Cityscape 2 – Precious and semiprecious gems
Stargate – Gemstone

Federico Cortese

With an eye for geometry, Federico represents many common scenes, objects, and thoughts in a visually striking way. He works as an architect as well as a traditional artist, and the influence of the trade is evident in his art. Or, perhaps, it works the other way around. Either way, he creates a piece by breaking down rules of language and syntax, both visually and linguistically, then applying it anew.

On that note, Federico mentions too that with some pieces, like “Virtual Model,” shown below, he’ll craft the forms, composition, and lighting with CAD software, then recreate the image using “traditional” techniques. What an interesting method this is to use, combining talents that recent events have shown will become the norm.

Federico states, “The subjects of my study are the cartographic representation, the figures in the manuals of medicine, the sheets of the herbals with their rules for the classification of the plants, the ancient manuals that collect all the known form of real and imaginary animals, the facial expressions and physiognomy, the pornography, the structure of flags, and so on. All these are languages owning their own lexicon; my trial is to isolate and reinvent that lexicon.”

Some examples:

Virtual Model – Oil and pencil on paper
Abandoned Room – Oil on canvas
The Cities of Mars – Oil on paper

Mira Dimitrova

Each one of Mira’s imaginative—and functional!—hand-painted umbrellas shows a passion for creation. You can just tell she’s having fun and giving each unique canvas her all.

Often featuring cartoon animals or rather realistic flowers, Mira also paints contemporary abstracts and more.

Some examples:

Alright, as mentioned at the top of this article, stay tuned! More inspiring artworks will be added to the list soon.

Thanks for stopping by, and if you see something that inspires you in our gallery, please leave the link in the comments with your thoughts!

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