Free art portfolios for Wix, Weebly, WordPress & more

Free portfolios for Weebly, Wix, and more

Want an easy and versatile portfolio for your creations that’s also free? Read on! Here I’ll walk you through embedding Foundmyself’s Reach website into your Wix, Weebly, WordPress, or other site.

Before you start

  1. Sign up for Foundmyself and upload some art. It’s free to join.
  2. Go to the Reach website page and click the Free version button. This has the info you’ll need, explained site-by-site below.

That’s it! After that, all the changes you make to your gallery here will automatically show on your portfolio website(s).

How it works

All you need to do is upload some art to Foundmyself, add the code below to your site, and you’re done!
Free art websites

An example site

Here’s a site I created in a couple minutes on Weebly that uses their free platform (hence the giant Weebly ad at the bottom). The rest of the site is purely Reach, though. Thanks to EmaArt for the wonderful gallery.

Why use this method instead of the galleries offered by some site builders?

  • The ability to sell your art commission free
  • Being part of an active artist community(two sites for one)
  • Stats on views for your FM gallery
  • Comments on your art
  • Seamless updates across every site you embed Reach
  • and lots more …

OK, now onto the specifics …

Adding your art portfolio to Wix

Wix is one of, if not the most, popular website builders out there. Here’s how to add your portfolio to Wix:

The easy (but limited) way

Embed a website
  1. Choose the page you want where you’d like the gallery displayed
  2. Click Add > More > Embeds > Embed a site
  3. Click Enter website address
  4. Paste your free Reach link (e.g.
  5. Drag the window to the size you want

The limitations of this method are down to Wix not allowing embedded sites to be responsive. Normally, your Reach site will adapt to any device (mobile, desktop, etc.) on its own, but Wix picks a fixed size, so you might run into trouble on different devices. That brings us to the better, but more advanced method, below.

The better (but slightly more complicated) way

Wix allows a certain amount of customization on its free sites, which allows us to create a responsive version of your gallery on any page. Here’s how:

Embed a website
  1. Click Dev Mode > Enable Corvid at the top of the editor
  2. At the bottom of the editing panel, click the [Page name] Page Code section
  3. In that panel, enter the following:
import wixWindow from 'wix-window';
	$w.onReady(function () {
		wixWindow.openModal("", {
		"width": 9999,
		"height": 9999

Simply replace the Reach URL with your own. What this does is open a modal, or pop-up type window on your page that fills most of the screen. It’s not perfect, but at least it’s responsive. It’s the best you can do currently in Wix, due to limitations on their site embedding.

Adding your art portfolio to Weebly

Weebly is another popular site builder, and allows us more flexibility than Wix when adding our Reach site. Here’s one way to do it:

Embed your portfolio
  1. In the editor, create a new, standard page
  2. Click the Build tab, and drag the Embed Code element onto your site
  3. Click the new element to set the custom HTML
  4. Add the following:
<iframe src="" style="height:80vh; top:10vh; width:100%; border:none; overflow:hidden; position:fixed; left:0;"></iframe>

Weebly’s editor might not correctly show you exactly how your portfolio is going to look, so here’s a sneaky way to get a better preview:

  1. Click the Theme tab at the top of the editor
  2. On the lower left, click Edit HTML/CSS
  3. On that page, on the lower right, there’s a small square gray button with an arrow – click it

Adjusting the fit

Depending on your Weebly theme, you might need to adjust the sizing of your portfolio. In the code above, pay attention to the Height and Top values. What height:80vh; means, essentially, is that the portfolio should take up 80% of the vertical space. Likewise, the top:10vh; tells the browser to start displaying your gallery 10% from the top of the page.

You can adjust these values to fit your particular theme. Just change them and then preview your site using the method above. You can also use pixel values, so instead of top:10vh, you could type top:120px, which would start your gallery 120 pixels from the top of the page.

WordPress and other sites

If you already have a site hosted with WordPress or another popular builder (Joomla, Drupal, etc.), adding your Reach gallery is as simple as either:

  1. Copying the same code from the Weebly section, or
  2. Copying the embed code on this page (under the Free version button)

The difference between those two options is that the latter of the two will make the entire site your Reach portfolio. So, it will act as a standalone website. Any navigation or other elements you have on the page will be covered up. The Weebly example at the top of this post uses this second option.

The first option, on the other hand, lets you size the gallery to fit your existing website content how you see fit (so to speak).

In either case, the code should be copied into the text or non-visual part of the website’s editor.

Wrapping up

Once you have your Reach portfolio embedded into your website, any time you upload art here on Foundmyself or make changes, your website(s) will update automatically. Easy!

Hope you found this article useful. Of course, if you want a simple portfolio with your own domain and different styles, you can always upgrade to the Pro version of Reach. It’s no where near as complicated as Weebly, Wix, or WordPress, and is a good fit for artists who don’t want a zillion customization options, but just an attractive, fast, professional portfolio.

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  1. Bokehen says:

    I’ve tried all of these sites throughout the years. The easiest site would have to be wordpress. But the last time I was at the press, My site was bombarded with spam messages that had no reference to my site. Even with all the spam filters active, I wasn’t able to control the spam. I left wordpress soon after. The hardest site to navigate and master is wix. in order to use this site, one would have to have a masters degree and I don’t. It was very complicated and wasn’t easy to just post images or simple text. I’ve since return to tumblr. But even this one has it’s issues. childish nonsense bombards my page upon login. I’m still on tumblr but for how long. The point of all this, is not to post your images online simply because persons like those on tumblr would link to you image and not give you credit for it. In fact I’ve had several of my images stolen while using social media sites. it’s getting to the point where one wants to be discovered, but not be taken through the ringer to do so.

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