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Finding quality (and free) online art lessons can be a little bit daunting, so in the next few articles we’re rounding up the best instructional videos we’ve found. We’ll cover oils, drawing, watercolors, and more, but to start with we’re tackling acrylics. Hopefully this can give newbies somewhere to start, and established acrylic artists something new to try.

Techniques & materials

Acrylic Painting Lessons Tips and Tricks by Tim Gagnon

Scumbling to create depth and distance

Free Art Lesson - Christine MacLellan - Acrylic Techniques

Introduction to acrylic painting techniques

A Guide To Acrylic Painting Additives

All about acrylic additives – water, glazes, retardants, and more.

Acrylic Lifts and Spatters

Learn two techniques – lifting color off the canvas and spattering color off and onto the canvas.

Free Art Lesson - Joe DiGiulio - Scrafito

Learn the “scrafito” technique – revealing dried acrylics by manipulating a layer of wet on top.

Free Art Lesson - Joe DiGiulio - Composition

Basic intro to composition, demonstrated in abstract painting.

Free Art Lesson - Mike Rooney - Palette Knives

How to work with palette knives.

Free Art Lesson - Bob Rankin - Impasto

Learning the impasto technique.

Free Art Lesson - Don Hatfield - Underpainting

Underpainting or sketching out your initial composition.

Going further

Acrylic Painting Lessons preview - Simple Clouds by Tim Gagnon

Painting fluffy clouds

Acrylic Painting Lesson by TIm Gagnon "A Simple Cloud" more at

Learn to paint clouds, part 2

Acrylic Painting Lessons by Tim Gagnon painting Tips and Tricks "painting bark on a tree limb"

Paint bark on a tree

Landscape Painting "Tips and Tricks" by Tim Gagnon - Painting Grass with a Fan Brush

Painting grass with a fanbrush

Acrylic Painting Techniques - Painting An Acrylic Mottled Background

Painting a mottled background.

Acrylic Painting Lesson - Painting A Snowy Mountain

Cold landscape painting – using the palette knife to create texture.

Acrylic Painting Instruction - 4 Seasons In 1

Four seasons – Learn how color and value can help you depict different times of year.

Finally, we have our own small set of how-to art videos, here.

If you know about a good video that we didn’t feature, whether it’s for acrylics or not, send the link!