How to paint acrylics – free videos

How to paint in acrylics

Acrylics are an accessible painting medium for beginners and professionals alike. Here are 16 how-to videos that will teach you to paint in acrylics in no time.

Techniques & materials

Introduction to acrylic painting techniques.

Learn how to scumble to create depth and distance.

All about acrylic additives – water, glazes, retardants, and more.

Underpainting or sketching out your initial composition.

Learn two techniques – lifting color off the canvas and spattering color off and onto the canvas.

Learn the “scrafito” technique – revealing dried acrylics by manipulating a layer of wet on top.

Basic intro to composition, demonstrated in abstract painting.

How to work with palette knives.

Learn how to pile paint on the canvas with the impasto technique.

Going further

Learn how to paint floating, fluffy clouds.

Learn to paint clouds, part 2.

Learn to paint grass with the fanbrush.

How to paint a mottled background, which is a great start to adding depth and character to an acrylic painting.

Use the painting knife in acrylics to create texture.

Four seasons – Learn how color and value can help you depict different times of year.

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