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Neon light aesthetic LED

Have a dead boring room? We’ll show you how to cleverly place neon lights or LED lights in an otherwise humdrum space to turn it into a pulsing, vibing, living experience! We’ve got the best tips for properly lighting your room with neon or LED lights, plus lots of amazing images to get that neon vibe just right.

LEDs are an amazing technology that’s affordable, easy to use, and lasts a very long time. They’ve been popular for years as decorations for computer gaming rigs and specialty applications, but now more than ever, people are bringing this colorful neon aesthetic right into the main living spaces in their homes.

You can pick up a strand of LED lights at your local electronics store, or, of course, online. You can choose ones either in a solid, unchangeable color, or spend a bit more to get a full RGB LED setup, allowing you to choose basically any color of the rainbow. Many are programmable, too, allowing you to set a lighting pattern that will animate and dance along to you and your friends’ amazement.

OK – onto the inspiration and tips!

LED lighting ideas for your bedroom

Use LED lights behind your wall art for an original look.

1. Wall art: Mount LED lights behind your framed pictures for a unique look

Get this look:

First, carefully take your art off the wall. If it’s been framed, some frames have a lip that hangs over the canvas, which would make a good spot to tuck the lights away. Either way, you can adhere the LED light strip with a delicate adhesive like carpenter’s tape, or use something more substantial like staples if you don’t mind the damage they will do to the back of the frame.

Some clever cord tucking can hide most of the wiring. You’d probably want to mount the art near an outlet. Either that or use a battery powered LED strip.

If you want to take your LED installation to an even higher level with a cleaner look, check out this how-to video from Unity Electric:

2. Bed: Neon nightlight anyone?

Neon lights underneath the bed

Get this look:

Mounting an LED strip under your bed or behind the headboard is a piece of cake, since there’s tons of room to hide the lights and power cables, and usually you’ve put your bed next to a wall outlet, anyway.

You’ll also be able to use a more permanent mounting solution, if you want, like metal staples, as long as you don’t mind damaging the underside of your bed. Personally I couldn’t care less what the monsters under there do to decorate, anyway.

Here’s an in-depth DIY guide for mounting LED lights underneath your bed:

You can also light up your headboard:

Add LED lights behind your headboard for a cool look.

Bathroom: LED lighting ideas

A backlit bathroom mirror using LEDs

1. Mirror: Buy or create a backlit LED vanity mirror

Get this look:

Buying a vanity mirror might be the way to go for a cleaner look, but it is possible to mount LED strips to a mirror yourself. Here’s a great video of Mike from Modern Builds using a mirror that he had custom created (for only about $150), complete with frosted etched glass, which he then mounts to an LED lightbox for a clean look:

2. Countertop: Attach LEDs underneath your bathroom countertops

Jazz up your kitchen with LED lights

Kitchens are a perfect place for LED lights. There are plenty of spots to hide them away, and your countertop surfaces (granite, quartz, marble, etc.) offer a wonderfully reflective surface to enhance the look. Here’s a simple guide for setting up under-cabinet LED lighting in your kitchen:

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