Unique DIY Halloween Arts & Crafts Projects You Can Make at Home

Best DIY Halloween projects

Need some clever ideas for a last-minute costume? Want to spend some time crafting spooky creatures with your kids? Feel like humiliating your pet? Then check out these 11 inspiring DIY Halloween projects videos and get crafting!

11 Clever Halloween Costume Ideas

These costume ideas range from cute and funny to slightly off-putting (e.g. the newborn baby grownup), but they’re all super clever and could be pulled off at home without breaking the bank or studying to become the next Stan Winston. Definitely worth a watch or two.

DIY Halloween Decorations

Again we have some do-it-yourself projects to decorate your house, including four fun food-themed candle designs to confuse, delight, and sicken your friends.

How to Carve a Scary Pumpkin

After narrowly escaping death and dismemberment by a pack of dog, Bobby Duke walks you through a fairly simple but very effective pumpkin carving tutorial.

Three Simple DIY Halloween Ideas

Quick and inexpensive last-minute decoration ideas. My favorite of these three is easily the baby wipe ghost.

Easy Pumpkin Decorations

These eleven pumpkin-themed decorations (except for the last one) you could say are a little more modern, and take an additive approach to pumpkin design, versus the traditional carving method.

Fun Halloween Craft Projects for You and Your Kids

These construction-paper-based crafts are simple and fun to make.

Make Your Own Mummy

With a handful of cheap and common materials you can create this effective, life-size mummy prop to frighten children all season long.

Easy Halloween Treats & More

At this point, you’ve decorated your house and it’s time to sit back with some friends and enjoy your efforts. What better way than with these easy but impressive Halloween treats?

Stuffed Animal DIY Pet Costumes

These costumes are super easy to put together. Just destroy a stuffed animal and stuff your animal into it. Simple but effective! And look how not annoyed they are!

Creepy Hand Decorations

If you want to take your DIY decorations to the next level, give these unsettling Addams Family inspired critters a try.

Halloween Costume Inspiration

Finally, some Halloween costume wins to amuse and inspire. Happy Halloween!

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